I couldn't be happier to be able to share my love of cooking with you all. When this idea came into my brain in 2016 I couldn't shake it, AND STILL CAN’T - and over the course of the Winter of 2017 so many of you spent your hard earned $ on an unknown kid from the internet slinging healthy comfort food.

I was floored and couldn't believe I was feeding families with my food based on pictures on the internet. Your weekly visits to my website, your trust in a stranger, & the feedback on my flavors kept me going, and now I am stoked to be able to take my passion "on the road" AGAIN this summer!

The joy that I get from transforming an everyday cut of meat into a piece of edible artwork is something that I don't take lightly - it's a very personal, transformative experience that I, as chef and pitmaster, get to share with you.

I hope that I get to meet many of you and bring my brand of BBQ & spirit to your backyard this summer.

Cheers and keep it pointed at infinity!



Eat well

live well

smoke ‘em if you get ‘em


What's the deal?

Heavily influenced by flavors, chefs and pitmasters from the Deep South and Greater Southern United States, the taste of H. Tim’s unique brand of Upstate BBQ will set your soul and tastebuds on fire. Get comfortable, grab a beer, and enjoy the session.

Every piece of meat is hand-rubbed & smoked with lots of love and respect from start to finish. What we do comes from our family to yours, and we hope you enjoy eating our food as much as we enjoyed creating it.

There truly is no party like an htimsmith party!

Tastes like more...

Meats & Sides


Each 1/2 pan feeds 8-15 people!

BBQ Brisket

Half Pan: $90 Full Pan: $180

  • texas style beef brisket rubbed with a house coffee & spice mixture

  • the only disappointment here is when it's gone


Beef or Pork

Half Pan: $75 Full Pan: $140

Pulled Pork

Half Pan: $55 Full Pan: $110

  • pork shoulder, dry rubbed with a house spice blend

    • can also be done pernil style **HIGHLY recommend

  • smoked all day, low n slow, until it melts in your face

  • your choice of housemade soulsauce bbq liquid

    • Traditional, Spiced Up, South Carolina Mustard, or naked

Smoked Chickens (6 per 1/2 pan)

Half Pan: $48 Full Pan: $96

  • 1/2 chicken, brined then rubbed with a house spice blend & finally smoked for hours until juicy deliciousness is obtained - these chickens got dat joose

  • Served with Alabama White BBQ Sauce on side

Pulled Chickens

Half Pan: $50 Full Pan: $100

Smoked Chicken Wings

25 @ $25, 50 @ $50, 75 @ $70, 100 @ $90

pork ribs - wet or dry

$30 per rack (12 bones)


Half Pan: $25 Full Pan: $50

Baked Beans


Collard Greens

Hoppin’ John

Mashed Sweet Potatoes

Mashed Potatoes

Rice & Beans

Savory Cornbread Pudding


Half Pan: $30 Full Pan: $60

Smoked Mac ‘n Cheese

Corn Succotash

Creamed Spinach

Mac ‘n Cheese

Apple Crisp


Half Pan: $35 Full Pan: $70

Baked Jalapeno Mac ‘n Cheese

Cold Sides

Served in 5lb portions: $25 (recommend 1/4lb per person)

Cole's Law

  • tangy slaw with a creamy slaw sauce; a tribute to SK

Twirly Swirly Pasta Salad

  • spiral pasta / olives / broccoli / pepperoni / cheese / house dressing

Potato Salad

  • just like your southern grandma made - full on flava!


 Paper products, rolls and chafing sets are available, but are not automatically included

Pig Roast

Whole Hogs Roasts start @  $25.00/per person with a 25 person minimum

All pig roasts will be done using locally farm raised whole hogs