Born Timothy J. Smith Jr. in November of the year of the bicentennial, 1976 - son of a baker, grandson of a butcher; a genetic predisposition toward gustatory pleasure - a kid made out of light, love and little bits of extraterrestrial dust.

Childhood was filled with food & family; there wasn't much that Nana, Grandma, Mom & Dad didn't place on the dinner table over the years; culinary treasures all around. Then at some point in the mid-90s, with a little help from his friends, bits of this cosmic dust started to activate and H. Tim Smith was born; to explore, learn, and teach the ways of the universe - my path towards creating had begun.

I began feeding my friends toaster oven sandwiches with leftovers from my parents fridge - we ate them in the basement listening to the sounds of Dr. Timothy Leary and Jimi Hendrix jamming in surround. These late night creations slowly evolved into larger, more robust celebrations once I met my other half, Bridget - together we became BATS (Bridget and Tim Smith) of the House of BATS.

Throughout college @ St. Rose, during my short 4 yr ELA teaching career, and afterwards I worked in various kitchens, restaurants and bars around the Albany/Saratoga area to make extra money and to fill time in the summer months. I always enjoyed the atmosphere, the camaraderie, and the satisfaction of making others happy by serving them something that I had helped to create.

My passion for food was validated when I competed in my first cooking competition in 2017 @ the Times Union/Adirondack Appliance Home Rangers cooking competition @ SPAC. The competition featured a selection of 6 home chefs from the Capital Region. The feedback I received from complete strangers was amazing, and quite frankly I was very surprised at the reaction; I bested the returning champ in the first round, and placed 3rd overall.

More info (& pro-shot food pics) here -

My vision is to create a food service that changes with the seasons, one that will simplify the life of a busy family and provide them the means to Eat Mindfully, Not Mindlessly during those long Fall and Winter months, while in the Spring and Summer, the opportunity to throw a backyard party with all of the barbecue fixins without worrying about cooking the meal. 

By providing healthy, delicious meals year round, people will have the time and the energy to spend with their family around the dinner table or around the campfire; both places where I grew up and where the best memories are made.

Let me share my love of food and cooking with you.





"You can be anyone this time around; you can do anything this time around" - Dr. Timothy Leary