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I couldn't be happier to be able to share my love of cooking with you all. When this idea came into my brain in 2016 I couldn't shake it, AND STILL CAN’T - and over the course of the Winter of 2017 so many of you spent your hard earned $ on an unknown kid from the internet slinging healthy comfort food.

I was floored and couldn't believe I was feeding families with my food based on pictures on the internet. Your weekly visits to my website, your trust in a stranger, & the feedback on my flavors kept me going, and now I am stoked to be able to take my passion "on the road" AGAIN this summer!

The joy that I get from transforming an everyday cut of meat into a piece of edible artwork is something that I don't take lightly - it's a very personal, transformative experience that I, as chef and pitmaster, get to share with you.

I hope that I get to meet many of you and bring my brand of BBQ & spirit to your backyard this summer.

Cheers and keep it pointed at infinity!



What's the deal?

H. Tim knows how to treat his meat. You'll be treated to flavors that are a combination of Central Texas Low n' Slow with a touch of New Orleans' spice & spirit. Tim specializes in Pig Roasts, but can do anything as simple as hamburgers & hotdogs, pulled pork, whole chickens, chicken wings, & of course the crowd favorite, beef brisket.

Every piece of meat is hand-rubbed & treated with love and respect from start to finish.

There truly is no party like an htimsmith party!

Tastes like more...

Meats & Sides


Your choice of the following (25 person minimum)

Pulled Pork: $5/head

  • pork shoulder, dry rubbed with a signature spice mixture
    • can also be done pernil style **HIGHLY recommend
  • smoked all day, low n slow, until it melts in your face
  • soulsauce bbq liquid provided to your level of spicy
  • locally baked bread additional $1/head

Smoked Chicken: $6/head

  • whole chicken, brined, rubbed with my signature spice blend & then smoked for hours until juicy deliciousness is obtained - these chickens got dat joose
  • Smoked Chicken is served with White BBQ Sauce on side

BBQ Brisket: $7/head

  • texas style beef brisket rubbed with a signature coffee & spice mixture
  • the only disappointment here is when it's gone
  • locally baked bread additional $1/head

Smoked Chicken Wings: 25 @ $25, 50 @ $50, 75 @ $70, 100 @ $90

  • available in 3 flavors
    • salt n pepper - let the smoke do the talking
    • cajun bleu cheese - mild spice
    • sweet heat - medium heat, little sweet

Hamburgers: $3/head

  • Rolls included in price

Hot Dogs: $2/head

  • Rolls included in price

Locally baked bread products are used as part of the sandwich experience - pricing TBD.


1/2 order feeds approximately 15 - 20, full order feeds approximately 30-40

"The A Beans" - cajun inspired beans taken to the next level, never been baked

  • 1/2: $30
  • full: $55

Cole's Law - tangy slaw with a creamy slaw sauce; a tribute to SK

  • 1/2: $30
  • full: $50

Twirly Swirly Pasta Salad - spiral pasta / olives /broccoli / pepperoni / cheese / dressing

  • 1/2: $35
  • full: $55

Mac n Cheese - smoked or unsmoked, your choice

  • 1/2: $35
  • full: $60

Cooler Corn - just what it says, a cooler full of corn ready for your guests to pick and eat

  • $1/ear shucked, halved and cooked to perfection


Pig Roast

Whole Hog with 2 Sides start @  $25.00/per person (25 person minimum)

Whole Hog with 3 Sides start @ $20.00/per person (50 person minimum)

Whole Hog only $8.00/lb

All pig roasts will be done using locally farm raised whole hogs