Eat well

live well


Eat Mindfully

Not Mindlessly

Mindful Nourishment

Nourishment both physically and mentally comes from the food that we eat, and when we do not eat well we do not feel well. Oftentimes we put our busy schedules ahead of our health and we mindlessly eat rather than mindfully eat. Providing a meal prep service for those in need will satisfy our philosophy that if you eat well, you feel well.

We offer many different menu options to suit many different needs. Looking for quick but healthy breakfast solutions, healthy lunches for work, or something you can feed your children that doesn’t come from a box or a drive-thru?

Healthy meals are available on a weekly basis with delivery available on Sunday.

I am also available for private events @ your home - backyard BBQs, pig roasts, & small dinner parties.

Simply contact us to for a free Food Preference & Flavor Consultation, and we will prepare meals to your specifications, customize your personal party needs, and create a meal or party package for delivery at your convenience. We can currently only deliver meals to your door on Sunday’s (small fee applies), or we can arrange another time that is convenient to meet up and deliver your meals during the week.